Ashleigh Bowmott

Ashleigh Bowmott is an Artist, Curator and Producer. 


Across her practice she is interested in art as a catalyst for connection and perspective exchange. Conversation, food and sociability frequently make up her playful, caring engagements around feminism, class, motherhood, housing, materiality, and possible futures. Much of her work is performance based and participatory; collaborating with citizens to explore and shape their surroundings.

Collaboration is a key aspect of Bowmott's practice. 

Bowmott is one half of duo Eke and Bowmott. Their shared preoccupation is a collective rethinking of everyday life which is manifested through bookworks, performance lectures, objects and events. Their interest in equity, collectivity, civic responsibility, and trust positions art as a form for connection and belonging.

She is also a member of artist collective Tracing the Pathway. Together they explore the relationships between body, site and encounter. They produce site or situation-specific interdisciplinary artworks with a critcal focus. 

Independently and collectively Bowmott has presented artworks, talks and workshops internationally, with recent works at the National Taiwan Craft Research Institute, and Nuuk Kunstmueum. 


Bowmott sees her curatorial practice as an extension of her artistic practice, taking on notions of hosting and care (curare) as vital to a sustainable and ethical arts practice. Her curatorial focus is on live art and events. Between 2014-2018 she was co-director of Groundwork a performance and research project for and about Milton Keynes. 


As a Producer, Bowmott supports Laura Sweeney. They work with live artists to develop startegies for creating new work with artist development at it's core. They are currently working with: Brian Lobel, Dan Watson, La JohnJoseph, Malik Nashad Sharpe (Marikiscrycrycry), Nando Messias and Rachael Young. 

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Education is the red thread that connects Bowmott's practices and interests. She has been an Associate Lecturer at the University of Chichester, and in the last year given Guest Lectures at Grays School of Art and the University of Coventry. She is currently co-facilitator of The Committee, a programme for 15-19 year olds who will shape the future of performance with The Yard, London. 

In 2018 she completed practice-based PhD research exploring more-than-human collaborators in artistic practice. 

Ashleigh is based on a houseboat in London with her partner, son and daughter-in-gestation. 

Ashleigh will be on maternity leave from January 2020 and will take some time to respond if you get in touch.